Dr. Celia Pires

Dr. Celia Pires

Dr. Celia Pires is the director of the St. Clair West Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic. She is a graduate of The Logan Chiropractic College in St. Louis, Missouri, one of the most prestigious Chiropractic Colleges in North America and is registered with the College of Chiropractors of Ontario.

Dr. Pires has been practicing since 1999. She has an extensive experience as a Chiropractor doctor as well as a soccer player; she was a member of OSA when joining the Oakville Soccer Club, then Scarborough Azzuri in 1994 which made her join The Toronto Inferno in 1999 which was a W-League professional women’s soccer club based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and later becoming a member of Woodbridge Azzuri where she dedicated her last years before retiring in 2008 due to a sport injury. She successfully excelled as one of the top scorers in her league throughout her soccer career by being honored in the hall of fame at the University of Toronto as best player of her time after graduating as a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education.

After all those years of experience as a soccer player and her dedications for this sport, Dr. Pires’s continued to train with passion as an athlete and as a Chiropractor doctor, she dedicated extra hours of intensive training towards a variety of sport injuries as one of her subspecialties, besides covering all other areas in Chiropractic training, by applying Physical therapies and structural radiographic technique and analysis, she covers many areas such as: WSIB & MVA related injuries, spinal injuries, Whiplash injuries, Pre and post-surgery therapy. She also excelled in pregnancy related discomforts therapy including Pre-Post-natal; Dr. Pires is affiliated to OB’s specialists from St. Michael’s Hospital and UHN Network who have been referring their patients to her practise for several years.

She graduated with the degree of Doctor in Chiropractic and the degree of Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, also gaining recognition of outstanding academic achievement, outstanding service as a Senior Intern for Logan College Health Centers and for being recognized and honored for having rendered special consultation and teaching services.

She continues to treat professionals, semi-professional and youth groups in Canada, as well as international professional soccer players. She is the primary Chiropractor Doctor who treats and collaborates with most of soccer academies in the city of Toronto such as: Benfica, Peniche, Gil Vicente, SC Toronto, Genesis, Sporting Club, North York Academy and many others.

Dr. Celia Pires is also a Pro-Adjuster Doctor.